Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Red Romeo - Like No Other Music Video

Last year I worked on a music video for Adrian Hibbs that was produced by my friends over at FaceHead Media. Adrian is an accomplished musician who has recorded with many bands such as Dashboard Confessional and Panic! at the Disco. When I took the job I was super excited to learn that we would be filming in the infamous Linda Vista hospital. Linda Vista has been an abandoned hospital since the early 90s and has been featured in numerous movies, television shows, and music videos.

The biggest challenge for me during this shoot was the sheer amount of extras that needed a little bit of special effects work. Even though extras are mainly in the background you have to have them all prepared to be on camera if that's what the director wants.

When I got to work on that early Monday morning I had about an hour to get 25 or so extras through hair and makeup. Crazy! I am super happy with how everything turned out and I think the video definitely shows you just how creepy being in a "haunted" hospital in the middle of the night can be. :)

Adrian's music video is below as well as some background shots that I took with my iPhone. Enjoy!

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