Thursday, July 7, 2011

Celia Finkelstein :: Horrible Bosses Premiere

At the beginning of the year I had the pleasure of meeting Tess Paras, PR guru for the amazing makeup brand Three Custom Color, for tea at La Conversation. She totally sold me on Three Custom Color foundation and their cheek and lip stains. If you can get your hands on these products, you definitely should. Make it a priority!!!

Tess then introduced me to Celia, she is featured in the new movie, Horrible Bosses, and needed help getting ready for her first red carpet premiere. I went to her house and she modeled dresses, shoes, and accessories. Each outfit required a different makeup look and we decided which would make the best impression for the first of many public appearances.

Celia decided on the cutest LBD and we thought that making a nice smokey eye with grays and blacks with some lashes on the end to open her eyes would be best. Flawless skin was next. A last minute addition, which is personally my favorite, was Three Custom Color's Lollipop lip stain. It was just the right hint of color. Posted below are pictures from the paparazzi on the red carpet!

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