Tuesday, February 9, 2010

End Result Web Series

Over the course of a few weekends in January, the End Result crew have been hard at work filming in empty parking lots, garages, and train stations. Basically, any place outdoors where the sounds of planes, trains, and automobiles make filming any take with sound the death of me. But who else to do it with than the ridiculously great cast and crew of End Result. Working with all of them makes it quite easy for a narcoleptic like me to wake up early on a Saturday morning and drive all the way to Tustin. The co-directors, Heath and James, let me stretch my creative muscles when coming up with ways to create bruises and cuts from being pistol whipped in the face to cutting pants to make room for a bloody gun shot straight to the leg. So, I thank you everyone at END RESULT for having me on your team. And getting Daphne's for craft services.

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