Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Note To Etienne

Earlier this month I had the privilege to work with director Eli Benavidez on his short film, A Note To Etienne. The story is a fresh new look on what it is like to fall OUT of love. It is a beautiful account of how Amorette realized, in the middle of the night, that she still loved Etienne but had just fallen out of love with him. So, she sits down to record a note to him, a la the title A Note To Etienne. I was asked to join the crew after I had worked with Eli Benavidez and producer Allison Vanore on another project a few months ago called SOLO The Series, a sci fi comedy about a reality show astronaut stuck in space. The dream team crew they have is an absolute joy to work with and I was thrilled to be attached to another project with them. For Amorette's look, I had to make the exquisite Isabelle Giroux look as plain and quirky as could be. Think Audrey Tautou from the wonderful french film, Amelie. As for Etienne, making Lukas Delcourt look nerdy was proving a more difficult task than managing his shaggy head of hair! I absolutely can not WAIT to see the finished product and hope for the best as it hits the festival circuit! Check out some shots from the shoot below!

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