Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Marina V Music Video

A couple of weeks ago, Niva Dorell, a director that I had worked with on a PSA last December called me to discuss doing makeup for a music video that she was shooting. The song is "You Make Me Beautiful" by Marina V and the concept was really great. Niva wanted Marina to be all dressed up in a party environment and eventually "strip down" to a more natural state on the beach while the sun was rising. In theory and on camera it was insanely gorgeous, in reality we were all absolutely tired and freezing! I had the chance to watch the new music video the other day, and I must say that I am quite impressed with Marina and her ability to push through the cold/hunger/sleep deprivation to look quite captivating on screen. I'm attaching some pictures that I took with my poor iPhone that night/morning (I saw the sun set AND rise without sleeping a wink!) as well as a link to the awesome video. Watch and enjoy!


  1. Moira - it was great staying up late and hanging out (and freezing, haha)!
    Thank you for the beautiful makeup!