Thursday, October 11, 2012

Suicidal Simone

Caroline was referred to me by my friend Brianna who I worked on a movie with in May.  She emailed me with this really great idea to do lifestyle shoots of characters that she created.  Caroline had 4 different characters that she had given life too and had spent hours writing these very detailed and quite amazing breakdowns on their history and how they viewed the world.

The first character up was Suicidal Simone.  She lives in Paris in the year of 1962.  My favorite paragraph that Caroline had written for her was:

Simone has attempted Suicide 10 1/2 times.  The 1/2 is because her husband hadn't sharpened his hunting knife so when she picked it up to attempt stabbing herself she didn't even bother to go through the motions of the, "Should I…" "Shouldn't I..." with a dull knife.  Simone has principles.  

During the shoot we listened to French music and ate chocolate and blueberries.  I really enjoyed helping Caroline bring these characters to life with photographer, Chris Arslain.  Some of my favorite images are below! 

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