Friday, August 7, 2009


"Your attainments and accomplishments in this world are dependent on the keenness of your vision. SEE yourself and by the grace of God you will attain the world, limitless and without boundary. Impossible is NOTHING." - Melody Ehsani
There has been A LOT going on in my world. From moving to West Hollywood and having visitors (my absolute favorite!), I have been one busy little bee. This past week I have been able to help Sita and Anita launch their t-shirt line and modeling careers respectively as well as consult Denise on her bridal look for her upcoming wedding! This weekend I am so EXCITED to be working with Jeffrey Paul, who is known for creating Frida Pinto's glamourous looks during the 2009 awards seasons, on a photo shoot. Pictures to be posted shortly..

Have a fabulous weekend!!

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